Our Members

Acronym Full Name Website
ARR Arun Reah Organization  
CamAsean CamASEAN Youth’s Future http://camasean.org/
C.CAWDU Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union  
CATU Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions  
CCFC Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community  
CCIM/VOD Cambodian Center for Independent Media www.ccimcambodia.org
CCPCR The Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights www.ccpcr.org.kh
CDPO Cambodian Disabled People’s Organisation  www.cdpo.org
CDWA Cambodian Domestic Worker Association  
CDWN Cambodian Domestic Worker Network  
CFSWF Cambodian Food and Service Workers’ Federation  http://www.cfswf.org/english/
CHEC Cambodian HIV/AIDS Education and Care  http://www.checcambodia.org/
CLC Cambodian Labour Confederation  http://clccambodia.org/
CWCC Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center  www.cwcc.org.kh/
CWDA The Cambodia Women’s Development Agency  http://www.cwdagency.org
CYN Cambodia Youth Network  http://www.cyncambodia.org/
FAA Fine Arts Association  
GADC Gender and Development for Cambodia  
IDA Indradevi Association  
IDEA Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association  
IHPP Increase Health for Poor People  
KFDA Khmer Farmer Development Association  
KWCD Khmer Women’s Cooperation for Development  www.kwcd.org
LICADHO Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights  http://licadho-cambodia.org/
LSG Lady Saving Group https://www.facebook.com/Lady-Saving-Group
LSCW Legal Support for Children and Women www.lscw.org
NAPA National Prosperity Association  
NICFEC Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia  http://www.nicfec.wordpress.com
OI Open Institute  www.open.org.kh
PCC Positive Change for Cambodia  
RHAC Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia  www.rhac.org.kh
SC Sunshine Cambodia  http://www.sunshinecambodia.org/
SKO Srey Khmer Organization  www.streykhmer.org
VAWCC Violence Against Women and Children of Cambodia  
WfP Women For Prosperity  
WHAD Women Health Agency Development  
WMC Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia  www.wmc.org.kh