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Dignity Project Art Online

NGO-CEDAW’s Dignity Project has new art that can be viewed online.

The Siem Reap-based dance group New Cambodian Artists presented Kom Lang Satrey (‘Power Women’) during the 16 Days Campaign in November 2016. A film collage based on the performance can be viewed here.


HEfilm stillM Vanna’s documentary film, Where Do I Belong? explores the experiences of transgender women who rise above discrimination through Aspara dance.  The film can be viewed here.

Call for applications for external evaluator

NGO-CEDAW is accepting applications for an external consultant to conduct an evaluation of a 3-year project funded by DCA/CA. The full terms of reference explaining the background of the project and consultancy requirements is here.  Interested candidates are requested to submit applications by 26 October 2016 no later than 5pm Phnom Penh time.

Applications must include:
– CVs/Resumes for key personnel
– Cover letter explaining the applicant’s qualifications for performing the requirements of the terms of reference
– A written proposal, timeline and schedule for the consultancy.  This should include a summary outlining the proposed method for undertaking the organizational assessment within the allocated time and budget.

All applications should be sent to: or by hard copy to our Phnom Penh Office:  #16, St. 99, Boeung Trabek, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone inquiries to 012 66 88 53.

Artists selected for Dignity Project

Congratulations to the artists who will create works for the Dignity Project 2016 exhibition during the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence later this year:
LY Polen (dramatic film)
HEM Vanna (documentary film)
HEAK Pheary (multimedia and education)
New Cambodian Artists (dance)

Dignity Project Call for Proposals

NGO-CEDAW is calling on Cambodian artists to submit project proposals for the Dignity Project’s exhibition in 2016.  Dignity Project Call for Proposals. Applications should include a description of the project and a proposed budget.  The art can take any form, from video to music or sculpture, but must be on the topic of dignity and address the issue of gender-based violence.

The Dignity Project Exhibition Book 2015 can be viewed here.

Dignity Opening in Siem Reap

NGO-CEDAW held its opening reception for the Dignity Project in Siem Reap this past weekend.  The art is on view through March 8, International Women’s Day at the 1961 Coowroking space at 211 Osaphear Street, Upper West River Side, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
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