CEDAW text and interpretation

1- Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women:
English | Khmer

2 -CEDAW Committee’s General Recommendations on:

  • Gender-based violence against women (GR-19): English
  • Equality in marriage and family relations (Article 16; GR-21):
  • The participation of women in public life (Article 7; GR 23):
  • Women’s health (Article 12; GR-24):
  • Temporary special measures (Article 4.1; GR-25): English
  • Women migrant workers (GR-26): English  | Khmer
  • Older women and protection of their human rights (GR-27): English
  • The core obligations of states parties under CEDAW Article 2 (GR-28):  English
  • Economic consequences of marriage, family relations and their dissolution (GR-29): English
  • Women in conflict prevention, conflict and post-conflict situations (GR-30): English
  • Women’s access to justice (GR-33): English
  • Rural women (GR-34): English
  • Update on gender-based violence (GR-35): English

3. Optional Protocol to CEDAW:   English | Khmer

4. UN CEDAW Committee’s Concluding Observations 2013: English | Khmer

5. UN CEDAW Committee’s Concluding Observations 2006: English | Khmer