Advocacy & Lobbying

NGO-CEDAW has a good track record of cooperation with the government and other NGOs, resulting in the adoption of many of its recommendations into the official CEDAW report and influencing the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to adopt the “Law on the Prevention of domestic violence and the Protection of Victims” and a new anti-trafficking law.  Responding to advocacy from NGO-CEDAW, the Ministry of Interior adopted a people-friendly civil registration system.  NGO-CEDAW regularly organizes trainings on CEDAW for the Cambodian National Council of Women (CNCW).   NGO-CEDAW influenced the National Assembly to ratify the Optional Protocol on CEDAW in 2010.

NGO-CEDAW was instrumental in the adoption by the government in 2011 of a law which targets acid attack perpetrators and requires the provision of medical aid to victims (the Law on Regulating Concentrated Acid).  NGO-CEDAW advocates the ratification by the National Assembly of the Convention on Migrant Workers and the ILO Convention 189 for the protection of domestic workers.

We also advocate for land rights activists and call for the release of jailed female activists, most of whom are women.

In addition, we conduct special advocacy campaigns every year on March 8 for International Women’s Rights Day and participate in the 16-Day Campaign Against Gender-based Violence each year around International Human Rights Day in December.  In 2014, for the 16-day campaign, we designed an ad for the backs of tuk-tuks on the theme of “Ending Violence against Women –How effective are the existing laws in protecting women in Cambodia?”

tuk-tuk ad